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The Sutras (lit. thread) are texts reporting the teachings of the Buddha or the patriarchs. On one hand the recitation of such texts supports the understanding of the philosophical-religious content of Shakyamuni's teaching, and on the other it evokes the vibrational energy contained in the words composing them. Besides being a breathing exercise, this recitation also constitutes an exercise of harmony through which it is possible to abandon our own ego to become One with the others.

The reading of the Sutras is also an expression of gratitude toward our masters, the ancestors and the beings in general. Indeed, it is thanks to an uninterrupted chain of masters who have transmitted from heart to heart the original message of the Buddha, that it is possible to practice and follow the teachings of the Buddha and the patriarchs.

Compassion, the pillar of the Zen Buddhist practice, is also manifest in the Sutra ceremony; actually, every recitation is concluded with a universal dedication wishing that all beings are free from any suffering.


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