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The Wu style
Traditionally, Tai Chi Chuan is divided into three styles: Chen, Yang and Wu.

Chen is the oldest style, and is characterized by very low tiring postures and fast snapping movements.

The Yang style on the other hand has very wide postures and extremely slow movements. It is very popular in Rome and Italy in general.
The Wu style is a happy medium of the former two, with both moderate poses and movements. Unlike the other two that favour the martial arts (Chen) or the medical approach (Yang), the Wu style works on all the three aspects of traditional Tai Chi Chuan.
It is specifically due to its wholesome approach that the Wu style is taught in the premises of the Arco Cultural Association. The first figure or series of movements that is taught is called the "thirty-seven", a sequence of 37 articulated movements.

The course also includes the study of a series of traditional exercises called Tui Shou, or "pushing hands", as well as several traditional meditations called Chi Gong.


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